Celebrating Jewish Festivals

Celebrating the Chagim is a major part of our school. For Rosh Hashanah every class enjoys apple and honey, followed by Sukkot when we all get to sing and dance in the school sukkah whilst enjoying grape juice and yummy biscuits. For Chanukah we join together at the end of each day to light the Chanukiyah together.


KS1 also hold their special Chanukah concerts. For Tu B'shevat we all enjoy planting trees in the school allotment and every class has a delicious fruit party. For Pesach, every key stage has a separate special interactive Seder.  Parents of year 2 and year 6 are also invited in to join us for the sedarim. Preschool parents join in a matza bakery with their children and the rest of KS1 also take part in this experience. For Shavuot, the younger children enjoy making cheesecakes, trifles and fruit kebabs and KS1 have a special Shavuot assembly.  Here is a selection of photos from these events.